Our California DMV practice permit tests are really our most comprehensive. Our writers have been teaching driver ed here for over 15 years. Your practice permit test has been written, perfected and updated by California teachers in real-life classrooms. So we know they will work for you.

Who wrote the practice tests for those "other guys?"

Practice Tests

75 Question DMV Practice Test - $5.99


Online driving test covering topics from every section of the California DMV handbook.

150 Question DMV Practice Test - $7.99


This online driving test covers the California DMV PermitTest, a little more in depth.

250 Question DMV Practice Test - $9.99

This California online driving test goes into everything from A to Z. From vehicle registration requirements to defensive driving strategies...and everything in between!

What makes ours better?
Our tests have been refined through years of use and feedback from thousands of students....  >>
Why a practice test?
33% of first time applicants fail the first try at the DMV Test. Do you really want to chance it?  >>