A Permit Practice Test Can Make You Successful On The First Try

Heading to the DMV is a frightening experience, but if you’re not armed with the knowledge and the practice necessary to pass your permit test, you can be sure that stressful experience will only end in failure. Choosing the right drivers permit practice test can help.

Our Experience Sets Our Practice Permit Test Apart

There are lots of practice drivers permit test materials out there that cover the DMV handbook, but few of them offer what you really need – questions written by driver’s education instructors who have helped thousands of students. You need material that makes you think and recall the stuff you will need to know when you sit in front of that test paper. Since getting your learner’s permit is one huge step toward achieving driving freedom, using our permit test practice questions written by actual instructors is a leap in the right direction.

Perfection Over Time

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our sample drivers test will truly give you the level of practice you need to get your permit the first time around. To that end, we’ve written and rewritten our driving test over the last seventeen years. We constantly update our materials, our questions, and our level of difficulty to ensure that every test taker walks away with a mini copy of the DMV handbook imprinted in their minds.


  • Our permit practice tests are created for each individual state. Whether you live in Alaska or Texas, you’ll only see DMV practice questions that apply to you.
  • You’ll know immediately if you’ve gotten a question right or wrong with our patented as-you-go scoring system. Moreover, you can expect a full report at the end of your session.
  • This practice written test is completely online, which means no matter where you live, it can help you study for your learner’s permit.
  • With 250 hard questions, you’ll leave confident in your knowledge level.

Like The Real Thing, Only Better

Don’t take the chance of letting your buddies know you failed your learner’s permit test. Our DMV sample test is harder than the actual test, so if you master it online before you head to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you’re sure to walk away with your permit in hand.

Why not give it a try today? You’ll walk away more prepared for your permit test than you could ever have dreamed.

What makes ours better?
Our tests have been refined through years of use and feedback from thousands of students....  >>
Why a practice test?
33% of first time applicants fail the first try at the DMV Test. Do you really want to chance it?  >>