A Driving Practice Test Means Only One Try

Trying to pass your driving practice test is difficult, but if you come more prepared than most applicants, you won’t have to join the thirty-five percent of people who fail their written driving test in the first round. Our driving permit practice test can ensure that you get your learner’s permit right away, avoiding the inevitable delays failure can cause.

Our Background Means Our Test Is Truly Better

While many companies offer practice learners test materials that cover the driving handbook, very few of them give you questions that have been designed by actual driving instructors who understand the needs of the thousands of students approaching the permit test. Because you have to have your learner’s permit to get your license, our test has been specially designed to tackle all of the difficult areas on the test. That can save you from the embarrassment of failing the test during your actual attempt.

Continually Updated To Meet Your Needs

Things change over time, and so do our questions. We’ve written and rewritten each practice question over the course of the past seventeen years to ensure you have the most updated material available. We regularly research each state’s DMV handbook to provide the most current questions possible. That means you get challenging questions that you’ll actually see on your test.


  • Each state has its own driving practice test. You’ll only see DMV practice questions applicable to your state.
  • With our unique score-as-you-go system, you’ll know the validity of your response as soon as you answer. Additionally, you’ll see an in-depth score report at the end of the testing session.
  • Our practice questions are entirely online.
  • Our extensive 250 question sample drivers license test is harder than most test products on the market, which means that you can be more confident in your knowledge level.

Harder = Better

Even if you haven’t had a recent driving course, our sample drivers license test will help you feel secure about your state’s driving rules and regulations. Not only will that help keep you and other drivers safe, it will also help you get your license faster. Because our driving practice test is more difficult than the real thing, passing it online means leaving the Department of Motor Vehicles with your permit instead of a failure notice.

Trying our free practice permit test is the best idea you’ve ever had. Click here for more information.

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