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Drivers Permit Practice Test - Written by Experts in the Field

A drivers permit practice test can help you master your DMV written test

Getting a driver’s license is a right of passage for every teenager in America, but more than one-third of all first-time test-takers fail the written portion of the DMV written test the first time they take it. With our comprehensive drivers permit practice tests, you’ll be a better driver, sooner!

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  • Prepare like a pro with our 250-question practice tests that will prepare you for the real thing. All you need to take our tests is a home computer and an Internet connection. Take the test when you’re ready!
  • Your test will be scored while you’re taking it. Know instantly if you answered a question right. You’ll also receive a comprehensive breakdown of your performance once you complete the test.
Our DMV drivers practice permit tests are always state-specific and are constantly updated with all the latest information and law/rule changes.

The proof is in the pudding: 17 years of experience and counting!

We’ve been selling the most complete and most challenging drivers permit practice test in the world for almost two decades. If our practice tests didn’t translate into real-time results, we wouldn’t be here anymore. Do you want to pass your DMV written test the first time? Use our practice tests to learn everything you need to know!

Take drivers permit practice tests written by those in the know

Our staff is made up of former DMV test writers and driver’s education teachers who know exactly what you need to be tested on before you take the real test. We have practice tests personalized by state, ready to make you a better driver.

Our drivers permit practice tests reflect the latest law changes
Our experts know that driving laws and regulations constantly change and adjust, and so do our tests. We keep a keen eye out for driving rule changes in all 50 states and immediately update our tests so they reflect the latest information. No other drivers permit practice test company offers that kind of attention to detail.

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