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DMV Written Test - Written by Experts in the Field

DMV written tests are harder than most people think. Our practice tests can make all the difference

When most people walk into the DMV for the first time to take the written portion of the DMV test to get their learners permit, they don’t even consider the fact that they might fail. But a growing segment of the population does just that. That’s why we offer our amazing DMV written practice tests to help you study and pass the first time.

Our DMV sample tests can make all the difference. Here’s how:

  • All of our practice DMV written test materials are specific to the state in which you live. Alaskan driving laws differ from Hawaiian laws, so we have completely different tests for every state.
  • Know instantly if you got a question wrong via our online scoring system. Every test-taker also gets a rundown of their performance once they are finished.
  • Take any of our practice tests day or night over our website and receive the same scoring and accurate feedback!
Our tests are tough for a reason: we want you to pass your DMV written test the first time and we want you to be the safest driver possible.

Our experience speaks volumes: 17 years and counting of helping drivers

We put a lot of effort into all 50 of our driving permit tests. They are the most challenging on the market for a reason: We want you and everyone to succeed and we want the world to be filled with safe, polite, and happy drivers!

Take the practice tests written by people who know exactly what to study!

Our practice DMV written test is researched and written by former driver’s education instructors and DMV employees. That means that you’re getting the most accurate and updated information from which to study. You’ll walk into your real test with confidence if you use our practice study tests!

Driving laws change all the time. Do you know the latest information?
Not only are driving laws and regulations different from state to state, but they are also constantly being reviewed and changed throughout the year. Our tests reflect all law changes thanks to our tireless research department. Make sure you’re getting the most accurate information out there!

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